Monkey Music Genuine Commercial License

Soundtrack genuine commercial / genuine, low price, high quality / high-speed download of massive music

License Type and Price Comparison

(The authorization methods are divided into single music authorization and VIP music authorization ; after purchasing the VIP, the entire site soundtrack can be downloaded and used without additional payment)


Enterprise New Media Authorization

(Corporate Media)

Commercial Class A Authorization

(Small and Medium Micro Enterprises)

Commercial Class B Authorization

(Medium enterprise Click to view the division of large, medium and small enterprises:

Commercial Class C Authorization

(Medium-sized Enterprise)

Advanced Customization Authorization

(Group/listed companies )


VIP All Music Authorization ¥899/Year Join Now ¥1299/Year Join Now ¥1999/Year Join Now ¥3999/Year Join Now ¥5999 高级定制
Single Music Authorization ¥99/Piece ¥199/Piece ¥259/Piece ¥459/Piece -

Copyright Protection Service

Authorization Period Permanent with film Permanent with film Permanent with film Permanent with film Permanent with film
License Agreement
Authorized Region Global Global Global Global Global

Member Service

Online Invoice
Download Privilege 10 songs/day 30 songs/day 50 songs/day mass download mass download
Audience Number Limited to 500,000 Limited to 1 million Limited to 10 million Unlimited Unlimited
Sub-account-multiple use 2 items 2 items 5 items 10 items customizable
The number of authorized companies 1 1 1 1 customizable

Online Use

Use from the media:

Bilibili、Facebook、Instagram、YouTube and other self-media platforms

Webcast/Radio FM:

Radio drama, audio book, radio FM, network program, network live program, etc.

Educational Use

Education Course:

Schools, families, public courses, webcast courses, online courses, education platforms, etc. paid courses

Offline Use

Public place (public broadcast):

Roadshows, banquets, annual meetings, government agencies and other public places use






Commercial Place (Public Broadcast):

Use for offline commercial venues such as press conferences, trade fairs, conventions, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, bars, KTV, weddings, etc.





Media Use

Commercial advertising use:

Ads posted on various Internet, mobile terminals, TV, e-commerce platforms and offline, etc.

Network film, TV film and television project


Independent movie/Internet movie

Theatrical movie

Product built-in purpose

Mini Programs, Mini Games, H5, Mobile Theme

APP built-in, game soundtrack, smart hardware, VR wearable, game console, toy, learning machine, etc.



Website Basic Services

VIP user distinguished logo

Smart Search

Exclusive Customer Service

One-to-one customer service to help you choose One-to-one customer service to help you choose One-to-one customer service to help you choose

Download music without watermark

Download Speed

100 times improvement 150 times improvement 200 times improvement speed download speed download

Number of Favorites

100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Authorize for Multiple Companies · Value Package

Ultra low discount / omni-channel commercial / authorized by multiple companies

  • 3999/Year The standard pricing: ¥5997/Year

    Authorize 3 companies

  • 5999/Year The standard pricing: ¥9995/Year

    Authorize 5 companies

  • 8999/Year The standard pricing: ¥15992/Year

    Authorize 8 companies







If the above corporate VIP rights cannot meet your needs, please Contact customer servicecustom made

Commercial Type Z authorization [Transfer authorization]

For the purpose of subscribing music such as secondary sales/second editing/second download, etc.
Note: It means that A authorizes to B, and B authorizes part or all to C, which means sub-authorization.

Commercial Type Z Authorization
599/Piece (Base price) Buy Now
Commercial Type Z Sublicense (Annual Payment)

Secondary sales/secondary editing/secondary downloading, etc. to transfer music and other purposes;

Commercially available worldwide, unlimited audience;

All channels are commercially available, and a commercial authorization letter is provided;

The short video APP has a built-in music library, which can be called unlimited times;

Video/animation template website, video/audio editor platform, video ring back tone;

Online invoice, worry-free reimbursement (VAT ordinary invoice / special invoice);

Need to customize the scope of sub-authorization

If you have special needs or authorized more than 50 songs
you need to contact the customized service (with discount)

Contact customer service

Formal Invoice Application

Apply online, company pays

Invoice type: VAT general invoice

Invoice content: design service fee

Courier type: Yuantong package mail(shipped within 3 - 5 working days)

Join VIP Now

Common Problem

  • 1. Do you provide an authorization agreement?

    When you purchase an authorization, we can provide you with an authorization agreement and authorization. Electronic authorization has the same legal effect as paper authorization.

  • 2. I have bought the package, where can I get the license agreement?

    After logging into the recharge account-click "authorization record" to add your authorization information.

  • 3. Can it be used commercially? Is it copyrighted?

    Monkey Music has independent copyright for all music on the entire site and is commercially available. Recharged and authenticated users can download the relevant authorization agreement on the authorization page, please rest assured to use.

  • 4. After I purchase a VIP, can I get a refund if I find it is not what I want?

    If you have used the download service, due to the particularity of the download service, once the downloaded file will be stored on your computer, it means that you have used the service, except for the situation that the member you purchased cannot be used because it cannot be downloaded. In addition, no refund application will be accepted.

  • 5. Can I invoice after recharge? What is the type of invoice?

    You can apply online by contacting customer service. The invoice type is a VAT invoice, and the invoicing content is the design service fee.